For Love of Bushcraft

I am not certain why this term, “bushcraft” has gained popularity in recent months, but I don’t really care.  However, I do think that the old school is a bit offended by its use, commercialization, and potential future downfall. From what I understand, the term “bushcraft” is very European-centric (particularly, British) and is used to … Read more

Critical Outdoors Knife Skills

I just gave my 5-year-old daughter her first knife.  As a budding outdoors kid, she was absolutely thrilled. Yes, my wife was absolutely thrilled too (insert sacasm). But, of course — a first knife comes with first responsibilities, and I vowed to make her tender fingers and hands safe from a bloody, high-carbon fate.  I … Read more

Knife Sharpener Shootout

I just might be the world’s worst knife sharpener. I know, I know — shocking, yet true. This is precisely why I am so frequently drawn to the best bushcraft knives. Generally, bushcraft knives have an innate ability to be re-honed and field sharpened because of their grind geometry. Couple that with high carbon steel … Read more

Becker BK Showdown

Becker BK2 Check Lowest Price This is the most popular fixed blade outdoor knife in the world because it performs like a 6-legged Thoroughbred in a mule race.  Well, except that the Thoroughbred in this case is made out of 1/4″ carbon steel.  At under $70 (usually), if you haven’t figured out what all the … Read more

Ode to the KaBar Becker

Becker Mods, Becker Heads, and the Temple of Becker Go on any knife forum.  Sooner than later you will come across the Beckerheads. Just to get our terms aligned, here’s how I define a Beckerhead: Beckerhead (noun): Any particularly passionate person supremely infatuated with a specific product line of knife produced by KaBar Knives in … Read more


TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft REVIEW

TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft knife has a very agile design to it and that features high-end materials all around. This is a top quality bushcraft knife that sells for over $100 retail. For people who are serious about bushcraft and want to make certain that they have a tool that’s … Read more


KaBar Becker Companion BK2 REVIEW

Becker BK-2 This is a helluva lot of knife. That being said, you’ll have to decide if you’re in the camp that believes that it’s better to have it and not need it or if it’s better to travel light.  Personally, I think of it like the Laplanders of Finland — I carry both.  Typically … Read more


Grohmann #4 Survival Knife REVIEW

Grohmann #4 Survival Knife When it comes to survival knives, the Grohmann #4 might not really look like a contender, particularly if you put it up against some of the “big boys” in the sector. It’s large enough, but has an oddly curved handle, and doesn’t exactly scream “survivalist” gear. With that being said, it … Read more


Bark River Bravo 1 REVIEW

Bark River Bravo 1:  Review, Specs, and Information The Bark River Bravo 1 is a knife that tested under some of the most rugged conditions and by some of the most rugged people imaginable. The Bark River Bravo 1 is the most popular knife made by Bark River and was tested — unbeknownst to the … Read more


Enzo Trapper 95 REVIEW

The Enzo Trapper is a very popular bushcraft knife. It features top-notch materials and a design that is really quite streamlined compared to much of the competition. The knife retails at around $100, so interested parties may want to try one out before they decide whether they want to buy it.   Specs Benchmade Bushcrafter … Read more


TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife REVIEW

TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife Who says a good knife has to take up room on your belt? The TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife gives you all the cutting power you need in a punch in a small package that fits right around your neck. If the knife looks familiar, that’s because it is descended … Read more


Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife, SRK REVIEW

By Patrick Gallagher Cold Steel SRK Versatility is the hallmark of the Cold Steel SRK. SRK stands for Survival Rescue Knife, and this blade offers the features, functionality and design necessary to adapt to any situation. With a length of more than 10 inches, you’ll find that this large knife gets you out of any … Read more