My name is Jack, and I’ve been selling bushcraft knives for several years now as a part-time business owner and enthusiast.  I started small with 13 Mora knives on a third of a table at a gunshow in Virginia, then gradually expanded to a point where I was carrying up to $10,000 worth of bushcraft knives to any given trade show.

I am also a vendor on the world famous Blades and Bushcraft forum!  You can visit my vendor page here.

My passion with these knives began when I was a kid growing up in Montana where I developed a keen fascination with wilderness survival.  This gradually evolved into earning a degree in Wildlife Biology and traveling extensively throughout the western United States doing field work for major wildlife studies.

I have spent many nights alone in the deep wilderness and several times had to rely heavily on my skills and training to both make myself comfortable and — in several instances — to survive.  I came to appreciate that a quality knife is the foundation of any profession or hobby in the outdoors.  It is one of the only things that I carry daily – just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

I have tried and tested hundreds of different knives, but will concentrate on what I believe to be the best quality for the dollar.  In other words, I will only feature and discuss bushcraft knives that I have used.

I sincerely appreciate feedback and information.  I will attempt to integrate this valuable input into our database and continue to distribute key information about the best bushcraft knives.  Please enjoy.

Thank you.