Ode to the KaBar Becker

Becker Mods, Becker Heads, and the Temple of Becker

Go on any knife forum.  Sooner than later you will come across the Beckerheads.

Just to get our terms aligned, here’s how I define a Beckerhead:

Beckerhead (noun): Any particularly passionate person supremely infatuated with a specific product line of knife produced by KaBar Knives in Olean, NY. Beckerheads smell like 1/4″ Cro Van steel because they curl up with the Beckers at night and sing songs to them. Beckerheads are always thinking about Becker Knives. They use them to brush their teeth, eat cereal, and answer cell phones. In a Beckerhead’s life, if there is a reason to use any handtool (fork, pencil, baby bottle, etc.) for any reason whatsoever, that tool will be replaced with a Becker knife.

Sometimes the term is used as an adjective. Example: “Some d-bag told me his ESEE 5 was better than my BK2, so I went all Beckerhead on him and cut off his head — with my BK9.”

Becker Knives FAQ:

Question: Do I need a Becker Knife?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How do Becker knives compare with other brands of knives with similar dimensions?
Answer: Beckers are better.

Question: Would you let me borrow your Becker in order to try it first? I’m undecided.
Answer: Would you let me borrow your wife? Go away.

Some Common Becker Mods

Beckerheads LOVE to modify their KaBar Beckers. Here’s some common modifications:

1. Remove the grivory scales and replace them with micarta or wood.

2. Strip the protective coating and force a patina.

3. Grind the edge profile or file the spine.

4. Add serrations.

5. Sheath modifications.

Here are MY Beckers!

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