TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife REVIEW

TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife

Who says a good knife has to take up room on your belt? The TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife gives you all the cutting power you need in a punch in a small package that fits right around your neck. If the knife looks familiar, that’s because it is descended from the company’s BROS-01 (Brothers of Buschcraft) knife, which featured the same design but on a much larger scale. The Mini Scandi is an excellent safety knife for virtually anyone.


The TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife features quite a few innovative adaptations from its larger cousin, the BROS-1. First among those is the Scandinavian grind (hence the Scandi moniker). A grind is the blade’s cross-section shape and usually has little to do with the type of blade in question. This is also called a “sabre” grind or “V” grind, and is often found on tactical and military-grade knives. The Scandinavian grind provides superior edge strength combined with excellent sharpness. The Mini Scandi features this type of grind for a longer-lasting edge in comparison with other grinds.

The TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife lives up to its mini designation. The blade is only 3 inches long. The entire knife measures just 6 1/8 inches, with a blade thickness of 1/8 inch. The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel, the same grade as found in a variety of other high-end knives. 1095 is a type of blue spring steel, valued for its ability to spring back to true, rather than bend or break under force. High carbon steel is also able to take and hold an edge better than stainless steel, and while it does require a bit more maintenance to prevent rust, that’s not a bad sacrifice. With that being said, TOPS uses a black coating on the blade to dull reflection as well as to impart a measure of corrosion resistance.

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The handle of the Mini Scandi is made of micarta (tan canvas is the specific color), and both handle scales are securely bolted to the full tang underneath to ensure no movement or slippage of the handle during use. A lanyard hole in the bottom of the handle offers access if you want to attach a lanyard to it. However, the sheath also comes with a hole for a lanyard (or the included metal chain) so it can be worn around the neck.

The sheath is molded to fit the blade and upper handle perfectly, gripping it securely when the knife is suspended around the neck. The lanyard hole in the sheath is capable of accepting other ways to secure the knife, including carabineers, allowing the knife to be worn on a belt loop or somewhere else if you prefer.

Buy it on Amazon – $63.30

What Is the TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife Good For?

The TOPS Mini Scandi Neck Knife is good for a variety of different tasks. It makes an ideal option for whittling or skinning bark, but it can also be used for skinning small game or as a small camp knife. The blade’s sharpness and ability to hold an edge for a long time even with hard use mean that you’ll be able to count on this knife for years to come.

TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives is an American knife maker and has been in operation for more than 100 years. The company works closely with military, police and SWAT forces, developing tools for safety and protection. All of TOPS Knives’ tools are manufactured in the US, at the company’s manufacturing facility located in the Rocky Mountains.


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