Grohmann #4 Survival Knife REVIEW

Grohmann #4 Survival Knife

When it comes to survival knives, the Grohmann #4 might not really look like a contender, particularly if you put it up against some of the “big boys” in the sector. It’s large enough, but has an oddly curved handle, and doesn’t exactly scream “survivalist” gear. With that being said, it makes an excellent knife for a wide range of situations, is available with or without a gut hook, and provides outstanding durability that will keep you in good shape for years to come.


Grohmann #4 Survival
10.3 inches (10 5/16″)
5.5 inches
4110 Stainless Steel
Full Tang
Flat Grind
.19 inches (3/16″)
Natural Rosewood Black Linen Micarta Wine Xtra resinwood Natural Water Buffalo Horn

Natural Stag Horn

Brass Pin and adhesive
brown leather
Grohmann #4 Survival Knife

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The Grohmann #4 survival knife actually features some of the most impressive specifications in bushcraft knives. The knife itself is just over 10 inches long from tip to tip (10 5/16 to be precise). The blade runs 5 ½ inches of that length, and is made from 3/16 steel stock (with several steel types to choose from depending on your wants and needs). In handle material, you get a range of different options to choose from, including natural rosewood, black linen micarta, Win Xtra resinwood, natural water buffalo horn and natural staghorn.

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In terms of the blade, you can opt for a high carbon stainless steel blade that runs smoothly from the handle to the top edge of the reversed outside edge, or you can opt for the gut hook style, which was added as a second model. The gut hook model replaces the trademarked top bulge with an inward curving section that doubles back to form a razor-sharp gut hook that “opens up big game like a zipper” according to Grohmann.

The design of the blade is one of the most iconic things about this knife. It’s modeled after the company’s better known #1 blade, with the same curving handle and blade combination. While those used to straight handles and blades will at first find this a little strange, one use is really all it takes to realize just how comfortable it is to hold and use, particularly for those with larger hands.

Users new to Grohmann’s designs will instantly note the top edge, which runs from the tip of the blade up to the top of the bulge, before the flat portion of the spine begins, which then runs down to the handle. This allows users to make a variety of different cuts when using the blade, whether field dressing a kill or in some other situation – the Grohmann #4 survival knife doubles well as a field tool as well as a kitchen/camp implement, despite its large size.

Buy it on Amazon – $94.94

What Is the Grohmann #4 Survival Knife Good For?

Interestingly, the Grohmann #4 survival knife is good for virtually any situation you might encounter. As mentioned previously, it’s one of the favorite knives for big game hunters because of its excellent utility as a skinning tool. Whether you’re talking about the standard blade or the gut hook model, you’ll find that field dressing a kill is fast, simple and easy with the #4. However, it’s not all about working in the field. It also makes an excellent camp knife. While its 10-inch size might make it less than ideal for super-fine tasks, it does make fast work of many camp and kitchen chores, including cutting vegetables or meat for meals.

About Grohmann

Grohmann Knives is a North American knife maker based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company has been in business for over 50 years, and has earned distinction for its conservation efforts, as well as for the durability and quality of the blades it produces. Grohmann offers a wide range of knife styles and sizes, ideal for any outdoor activity, from hunting to fishing to birding and more.

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