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TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft

The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft knife has a very agile design to it and that features high-end materials all around. This is a top quality bushcraft knife that sells for over $100 retail. For people who are serious about bushcraft and want to make certain that they have a tool that’s able to handle the toughest jobs and to still perform exceptionally well at more agile tasks, the TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft is a good choice.

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TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft
10 inches
4.5 inches
1095 Carbon Steel
Full Tang
.1875 inches (3/16″)
Drop Point
Partial Black Traction
Canvas Micarta (brown or grey)
TORX screws
Kydex (black) with steel belt clip
Ferro rod (with sheath attachment), survival whistle
Exposed pommel reveals a Shango Notch, thumb scallops, bow drill divot, ferro rod attachment
Tops Knives Fieldcraft Knife by B.O.B.: The Brothers of Bushcraft – Black Handle

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The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft has a Micarta handle of a brown canvas color. It is made out of 1095 high carbon steel, coated black, which is an excellent choice for outdoor applications. You’ll find that the knife sharpens easily and holds an edge very well. Remember that carbon steel does tend to rust, however, so the blade will require some care.

The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft is hardened to 56-58 HRC and comes with a Scandinavian grind and a very slight drop point. The Scandi grind is an excellent grind for bushcraft applications and, in fact, is one of the go to grinds for most experienced bushcraft adventurers. It’s exceptionally easy to sharpen and the angle makes it very good for doing fine work. Whether fine work means cleaning small game or other tasks, you should find the TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft to be a great choice.

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To make sure that you have a good grip on the knife, it comes with a lanyard hole and a finger guard. It’s even provided with a divot that allows you to utilize the knife to start fires using the fire bow drill procedure.

The sheath is made out of Kydex and has an attachment point included on it for a ferro rod. The knife comes with some bells and whistles – literally – including a whistle you can use to get attention if you happen to get lost in the woods and a firestarter, one of the most useful tools to have around in any situation.

The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft measures in at 9 ¾ inches overall with 4 5/8 inches of that total length being dedicated to the blade. This is a very nice size for a bushcraft knife; large enough for heavy work but small enough to be agile when you need it.

What is the TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft Good For?

The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft is a high-end bushcraft knife. The design of the blade and the durability of the materials used in its construction would also make it ideal for hunters and even for people who are more casual outdoor adventurers who want to make certain that they have a good tool on hand, no matter what happens.

The inclusion of the firestarter and the attachment point on the sheath are what really define this as something more than the average hunting knife. This knife is made for the long haul, something that is betrayed by the fact that high-end materials have been used in its manufacture and in how Brothers of Bushcraft combines some of the most established and some of the newest materials. Micarta and Kydex are certainly modern materials, but combine them with a 1095 carbon steel blade and you really do get the best of both worlds in terms of sticking with what works and adding what works better than older options where practical.

This is a knife that would make a spectacular gift for somebody who has learned the basics of bushcraft and who wants to expand their knowledge or for someone who is exceptionally experienced. In every regard, this is a very well-built tool that should last a lifetime. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, rather indicating the fact that this is not the average knife. The price point, however, means that this knife is a mainstay item and not something you want to throw in the glove compartment as a backup.

Brothers of Bushcraft

The TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft comes from a company that takes bushcraft seriously, personally and that shows in their products. This knife is entirely made in the USA, so you can feel good about yourself if that matters to you and you want to buy something from a domestic company. The people behind this company are experts in bushcraft and their passion for it really does show in the quality of the items that they build.

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Brand Spyderco Unknown Benchmade Ontario Knife Ka-Bar
Feature Bushcraft knife designed by tactical bushcraft expert Chris Claycombe, popular bushcraft website, and Spyderco designersFully-tanged, four-inch blade has no hand guard, and features Scandinavian grindO-1 tool steel’s high carbon content holds keen edge over time and heavy use; includes sheath8.75-inch overall length; four-inch O-1 steel blade with 3.9-inch cutting edge, 0.23-inch blade hole, and 0.14-inch blade thickness; 7.75-ounce weight; G-10 handle materialIncludes limited manufacturer’s warranty; details included with purchase High ground drop-point blade with polished finishS30V stainless steel blade (58-60HRC)Brushed full-grain buckskin leather sheath with D-ring and flint rod loop and retention strap 5 inch plain edge bladeKnife Closed Length: 4.06-InchKnife Open Length: 10-InchWeighs 8.4 ouncesMade of 154 CM Fixed blade knife with drop point shape and 20-degree edge angleBlade made of 1095 cro-van steel blade for strengthHandle made of Grivory materialBlade measures 5.5 inches long; knife measures 10.5 inches longLimited lifetime warranty
Model FB26GP 162 7500 BK2
Size 8.75″ One Size
Price $182.58 $128.96 $163.95 $100.49 $69.29
Height 2 inch 2.6 inch
Weight 0 pound 0.9 pounds 0.9 pounds 1.5 pound
Width 3 inch 3.35 inch
Length 12.38 inch 13.7 inch
Rating star_4-6-8
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Here’s what people are saying about the TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft:

The blade length is perfect, not too long, not too short. The 3/16″ thinkness, full tang is, again, perfect. Perfect weight and balance for me, but I like a little heft in a knife this size and this one, at a little over 9 ounces, is IT for me.

This is seriously the only knife you will ever need to purchase for survival use.

I have many knives and have been a collector since I was a kid. They range from $20 knives to $350 customs and all I can say is this knife rocks and can compete with my other high end knives. Great job on design and functionality.

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Buy it Now – $123.95

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Title Tops Knives Fieldcraft Knife by B.O.B.: The Brothers of Bushcraft Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta Handle, Black Blade, Kydex Model TBT-010 Tops Knives Survival Tactical 7 Surv-Tac 7 Knife Tops Knives 88 Moccasin Ranger Fixed Blade Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handles & Kydex Sheath Tops Knives SJ626 Smoke Jumper Fixed Blade Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handles
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