Becker BK Showdown

Becker BK2

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This is the most popular fixed blade outdoor knife in the world because it performs like a 6-legged Thoroughbred in a mule race.  Well, except that the Thoroughbred in this case is made out of 1/4″ carbon steel.  At under $70 (usually), if you haven’t figured out what all the hype is about, then forget it.

Becker BK7

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Use this when 5 inches just isn’t going to cut it (see what I did there?).  With 7″ of 1/4″ Cro-Van steel in your mitt, the BK7 wasn’t built for play time.  This is a serious tool for serious jobs done by serious… okay, you get the point.

Becker BK9

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This knife is ridiculous.  Yes, it’s a 9″ combat bowie made for a single purpose — turning a large object into two smaller objects.  Do you really need this?  Don’t be stupid, of course you don’t.  I have 3.

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