Condor Tool and Knife Fidelis 2 3/16-Inch Blade, Paracord Wrapped Handle, Kydex Neck Sheath

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The Condor Tool and Knife Fidelis is a compact and versatile survival knife that is perfect for those who prefer a smaller, more lightweight option. Made from high carbon steel, this knife is designed to create sparks with flint, making fire starting a breeze. Additionally, the high carbon steel construction ensures easier maintenance, allowing you to keep the blade in top condition with minimal effort.

Featuring a good sheath retention system, the Fidelis comes with a high-quality steel chain, allowing you to wear it comfortably as a neck knife. The handle of this knife is ergonomically designed and includes a small amount of paracord, providing a comfortable grip even during extended use. With its reasonable price, the Fidelis offers great value for money.

While the Fidelis holds an edge well and requires minimal maintenance, some users have reported that the blade may require additional sharpening out of the box. Furthermore, the black coating on the blade has been known to chip off over time. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Fidelis is a sturdy and well-made knife, especially considering its affordable price. It is suitable for a variety of small tasks such as opening packaging, small carving, and skinning small game. However, it may not produce sparks effectively for fire starting, and the Kydex sheath may not securely hold the knife over time. Some users have also mentioned that the knife feels insubstantial or could benefit from improvements in terms of overall quality.


  • Good size for a survival kit or neck knife
  • High carbon steel for easy maintenance and spark creation
  • Good sheath retention
  • Comes with a high-quality steel chain
  • Reasonable price


  • Sheath may be difficult to insert and remove
  • Some users found the need for modifications
  • Uneven grinds or softness of the blade
  • Black coating on the blade can chip off
  • Insubstantial or in need of improvement in quality

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