Condor Tool and Knife Boomslang 11-Inch Black Clip Point Blade, Black Micarta Handle, Black Leather Sheath

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The Condor Tool and Knife Boomslang is a formidable bushcraft knife designed for those who demand durability, versatility, and exceptional performance. With its 11-inch clip point blade, this knife is ready to tackle any camp task or chopping challenge that comes its way. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent edge retention and long-lasting sharpness.

Crafted with a full tang construction, the Boomslang offers unmatched durability and stability. The black micarta handle provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, allowing for extended use without discomfort or fatigue. The lively balance of this knife, despite its meaty blade, makes it a joy to handle and maneuver.

One standout feature of the Boomslang is the choil, which allows for choking up on the blade for finer control during delicate tasks. Whether you’re feathering sticks for kindling or preparing a meal in the great outdoors, this knife offers the precision and control you need.

The Condor Tool and Knife Boomslang comes complete with a heavy leather sheath that ensures secure retention and easy access to your knife. The sheath features a swivel loop, allowing you to comfortably carry it on your belt or backpack. With its versatile design and exceptional craftsmanship, this knife is not only ideal for bushcraft enthusiasts but also suitable for martial arts and self-defense purposes.

Choose the Condor Tool and Knife Boomslang for a reliable companion in the wilderness, combining ruggedness, functionality, and performance in one exceptional package.


  • Exceptional chopper and camp knife
  • Versatile and suitable for various tasks
  • Lively balance and ergonomic design
  • Great edge retention
  • Very ergonomic handle
  • Reliable sheath when knife is pushed deep into it


  • Black finish blade may scuff easily with hard use
  • Sheath may not hold the knife securely initially (solution: pushing the knife deep into the sheath)
  • Some quality control issues reported (warped blade, handle scale not flat against the tang)
  • Black coating on the blade may come off with use

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