Condor Tool and Knife Jungle Bowie, 11-Inch UltraBlaC2, Black Handle, Leather Sheath

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The Condor Tool and Knife Jungle Bowie is an impressive 11-inch blade that combines classic design with a modern flair. Made with Condor’s signature attention to detail, this knife is a versatile tool that can handle a variety of tasks in the great outdoors. Crafted from 420HC stainless steel, the blade is both durable and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for extended use in any environment.

With a blade thickness of 3.6mm, this Bowie is slightly thicker than Condor’s regular models, providing added strength and stability when tackling heavier tasks. The soft rubbery material used for the handle, known as Poszegrip, offers exceptional comfort and grip, ensuring that you can confidently wield this knife in any condition.

The Condor Tool and Knife Jungle Bowie comes with a welted leather sheath, providing secure storage and easy access to your knife. This friction sheath does not require a retaining strap, allowing for quick and convenient deployment.

While the blade comes sharp out of the box, some users may prefer to further sharpen it to their liking. This knife is suitable for a range of light utility tasks, such as cutting meat, boxes, and vegetables, making it a practical addition to your camping or bushcraft kit.

Not only is the Condor Tool and Knife Jungle Bowie a functional tool, but it can also be a conversation piece or a collector’s item for enthusiasts. Despite its impressive features, this knife is available at an affordable price, making it a great value for those looking for a high-quality bushcraft knife without breaking the bank.


  • Well-shaped and comfortable handle
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Holds an edge well
  • Suitable for hunting, dressing kills, and cutting brush
  • Secure fit in the sheath
  • Attractive design


  • Blade thickness could be thicker for heavy-duty tasks
  • Stainless steel may be too hard and brittle for chopping or batoning wood
  • Not ideal for dressing game easily
  • Some reviewers experienced issues with bent or damaged tips
  • Initial sharpness may vary

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