Condor Tool and Knife Bushbuddy 3 3/16-Inch Neck Knife, Kydex Sheath with Ball Chain


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The Condor Tool and Knife Bushbuddy 3 3/16-Inch Neck Knife is a compact and lightweight tool that is perfect for bushcraft enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. With a blade length of approximately 3 3/16 inches (7.7 cm), this knife is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and camping needs.

Crafted from thick heavy-duty carbon steel (1095), the Bushbuddy’s blade is robust and holds an edge well, making it an excellent choice for slicing meat, fruit, vegetables, and other materials. The blade is initially coated, although some users prefer to remove it for a more natural feel.

The knife features a thin handle which may cause fatigue for some users during prolonged use. However, it can be wrapped with paracord to improve grip and comfort. The one-piece construction ensures durability, and the epoxy coating on the blade adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

The Kydex sheath with a ball chain allows for convenient and secure carry. However, it’s important to note that the sheath has been reported to have issues with retention, as the blade can jar out during normal activity or walking.

Priced at an affordable $20, the Condor Tool and Knife Bushbuddy 3 3/16-Inch Neck Knife offers excellent value for its quality and functionality. It is versatile enough for tasks such as throwing and whittling, and its unobtrusive design allows it to be worn as a neck knife or carried in a back pocket without causing discomfort. Whether you’re a seasoned bushcrafter or a beginner, this knife is a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures.


  • Affordable price for a knife with good steel and a decent sheath
  • Versatile for various tasks including camping, slicing, throwing, and whittling
  • Can be sharpened to a very sharp edge
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Compact and easy to carry as an everyday tool


  • Handle design may cause fatigue or be awkward for users with larger hands or weaker grip
  • Initial blade grind may be uneven
  • Sheath has issues with retention, blade can easily come out during normal activity or walking
  • Some users found the knife to be dull out of the box, requiring additional sharpening

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