Buck TOPS CSAR-T I’ll admit it, the Buck TOPS CSAR-T (Combat Search and Rescue Tool) is not the first knife you think of when considering the best bushcraft knife. However, given its high utility, I’ve reviewed it here for your consideration. Buck has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best knife makers in the … Read more

Rockwell Hardness and Bushcraft Knives

If you’ve spent any time at all cruising the blade forums, you have undoubtedly encountered the concept of Rockwell hardness and have been forced to contemplate why anybody would every buy a “soft” blade — especially for any type of heavy duty use that bushcraft often demands. People serious about their knife use care about … Read more

Knives Made in Finland

Knives made in Finland (or, puukko) have a very distinct look and feel that is difficult to portray in words.  Generally, these knives are lightweight yet durable made with traditional material like curly birch or reindeer bone handles sporting a unique, recognizable shape.  If you’ve ever owned a Rapala filet knife (made by Marttiini Knives), … Read more

Kellam Knives HM10

Kellam HM10: the best pocket knife ever?

I’m not going to mask my enthusiasm for the Kellam HM10.  I think it’s a badass piece of high carbon steel made by one of the most respected bushcraft knife makers in Finland.  Kellam Knives uses high carbon steel for their puukko knives, and the HM10 follows the same mantra of quality, minimalism, and performance. The … Read more

Top 20

Embed This The story of bushcraft is as old as humanity itself, but the core of wilderness survival has always been with a good knife and a sharp mind. Modern day survival experts know the same thing that our ancestors did thousands of years ago — that your ability to survive and thrive without modern … Read more

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties by Daniel Carter Beard

Embed This Congratulations!  You made it… Just click the link to get your 200-page pdf copy of  Shelters_Shacks_and_Shanties_by_Daniel_Carter_Bear.  In this book, you’ll enjoy all sorts of timeless advice and guidance written in 1916! Please enjoy, and drop me a line to let me know what you thought of the book. -Patrick

Pros and Cons of Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knives

photo credit: Are you thinking about adding some carbon steel bushcraft knives to your collection but just don’t know where to start?  To make things easier on you, here’s a quick and simple guide to the pros and cons of using carbon steel! Pros: The Sharpest Tool In The Shed The carbon steel knife … Read more

VIDEO: Mora knife review and destruction test

Embed This I’ve sold a lot of Mora Knives simply by playing this video for a few fence sitters and non-believers. I love this mora knife review because it says it all. With some models well below $20, I encourage everybody to pick up a Mora knife because I know that’s all they’ll need to … Read more

What is a bushcraft knife?

photo credit: If you have any survivalist friends or family members then chances are you’re a little familiar with the popular bushcraft knife. If not, you’re definitely not the only one. And when people first learn what Bushcraft even is, it makes wilderness skills and the best bushcraft knives all that more impressive! Bushcraft … Read more

Buschcraft Knives as the Basis for Survival

Bushcraft Knives – the most important survival tool? Someone who is not an avid outdoorsman might wonder why an experienced outdoor survivalist places such high value on his bushcraft knife and literally considers it to be the most basic and important survival tool a person can own in other than basic bushcraft knowledge? Well, the … Read more

YOUR guide to the ultimate bushcraft knife.

Sometimes size does matter, so I’ve included 20 of the world’s greatest bushcraft knives into one sortable grid so that you can compare features from 8 different criteria like blade material, tang, blade size, and price. Get the Map I know that you care about where and how something is made. Otherwise, we would just … Read more

benchmade bushcrafter sibert 5

Embed This Embed This My name is Patrick Gallagher, and I’m very pleased to bring you After selling bushcraft knives and survival gear for several years, I decided to launch this site to concentrate solely on providing the very best products and information possible. I am always trying to improve, so your feedback and … Read more