VIDEO: Mora knife review and destruction test

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I’ve sold a lot of Mora Knives simply by playing this video for a few fence sitters and non-believers. I love this mora knife review because it says it all.

With some models well below $20, I encourage everybody to pick up a Mora knife because I know that’s all they’ll need to get hooked on the phenomenon of what these knives provide for the price.

Embed This My name is Patrick Gallagher, and I’m very pleased to bring you After selling bushcraft knives and survival gear for several years, I decided to launch this site to concentrate solely on providing the very best products and information possible. I am always trying to improve, so your feedback and interaction is critical. Thank you.

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Jack Thompson is a seasoned outdoorsman, bushcraft expert, and knife aficionado. With over a decade of wilderness experience, Jack is passionate about teaching others essential outdoor skills and providing insights on bushcraft knives. As a writer for Best Bushcraft Knife, he shares his knowledge and adventures, inspiring readers to embrace nature and thrive in the wild.