YOUR guide to the ultimate bushcraft knife.

Sometimes size does matter, so I’ve included 20 of the world’s greatest bushcraft knives into one sortable grid so that you can compare features from 8 different criteria like blade material, tang, blade size, and price.

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I know that you care about where and how something is made. Otherwise, we would just buy a crappy knife from the hardware store and call it good. Instead, I mapped 30 different knives within 10 countries of origin. I constantly strive to improve, so if you have suggestions or corrections, then please give me a shout.

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Jack Thompson is a seasoned outdoorsman, bushcraft expert, and knife aficionado. With over a decade of wilderness experience, Jack is passionate about teaching others essential outdoor skills and providing insights on bushcraft knives. As a writer for Best Bushcraft Knife, he shares his knowledge and adventures, inspiring readers to embrace nature and thrive in the wild.