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Fallkniven F1

The Fallkniven F1 is a very well-made bushcraft knife featuring modern materials and a great quality steel. It is slightly shorter than some of the competition out there, so it may be a great choice for people with smaller hands or for people who simply don’t like too much blade when they’re trying to do fine work.


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The Fallkniven F1 comes with a 3 4/5 inch blade and an overall length of 8 1/3 inch. This puts it a bit on the smaller side compared to some other popular bushcraft knives, but it still has plenty of steel to get the job done.

The steel that this knife is made out of happened to be an interesting and excellent choice. VG-10 steel is a cutlery steel that has excellent properties as far as stain resistance goes. It is a bit superior to some of the other high-end stainless steels on the market, including 154-CM. What differentiates this particular steel is that it contains vanadium. This stainless steel is well known for taking an incredibly sharp edge and being tough enough to hold up to abuse at the same time.

While most bushcraft knives are made out of high carbon steel, there are a few out there, including the Fallkniven F1 that employ various stainless varieties. VG-10 is a great choice for this. It doesn’t have the drawbacks that stainless steel usually has in a survivalist typesetting, and it has all of the advantages that stainless steel has in any other situation. Combine that with the fact that it is not difficult to sharpen and that it holds an edge very well and the end result is usually a very happy bushcraft enthusiast.

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Getting beyond the blade, the Thermorum handle offers an excellent grip and includes a lanyard hole. Between the easy grip that the handle gives on its own and attaching a lanyard, this knife can be made very safe for working in even wet conditions. The sheath is Zytel. While this may be something of a drawback if you like things traditional and were hoping for a leather sheath, this particular material is exceptionally durable and is also very good in wet conditions.

The shape of the Fallkniven F1 is very traditional for bushcraft blades. It has a very slight drop point to it and a very sturdy blade. Weighing in at 8.4 ounces, it won’t add a lot to your load and will still keep performing admirably in the toughest conditions. This knife is priced at over $100, so it is definitely at the higher end of bushcraft knives, though it is somewhere in the middle ground when compared to the most expensive and least expensive knives available out there.

What Is the Fallkniven F1 Good For?

One of the things that differentiate the Fallkniven F1 from many other bushcraft knife options on the market is the inclusion of that stainless steel. This means it is ideally suited for applications where the conditions are likely to be wet or where other circumstances put the blade at a risk of getting stained and corroded. Stainless steel, of course, does need to be maintained, but it doesn’t rust nearly as easily as high carbon steel and is far less finicky in terms of what it requires to stay in good repair.

The price point on the Fallkniven F1 definitely means that it is not a knife that would likely serve well as your very first bushcraft knife. Once you know you do love the art of bushcraft, however, this would be a fine knife for anyone at any level of skill and in any environment.


Fallkniven is based in Sweden and is a family-owned business. They have been working in the knife business since 1984 and produce very high-end products. They not only have a great reputation among consumers but are also the knife supplier to the King of Sweden. All of their products are tested in a university setting to make certain that they are up to the company’s quality standards and anyone of their products would make a fine addition to a bushcraft enthusiast’s backpack or toolkit. Trying these knives out before buying them is advisable due to the price point.



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Buy it Now – $129.95

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Here’s what people are saying about the Fallkniven F1

The F1 is easily one of the best knives I’ve ever owned/used. I qualify that statement as an owner of all the big names out there (i.e., Bark River, ESEE, RAT Cutlery, Buck knives, Ontario Knife co., Ka-Bar, SOG, Gerber, Boker, etc,).

I bought this knife while deployed in Afghanistan and carried it for the full year that I was there. Used to cut webbing, baton through 1/4 inch plywood (I got bored) as well as every other cutting task you can imagine, this blade never chipped or failed in any way.

This knife is the standard against which many manufacturers aspire but few achieve…

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