Spyderco Warrior Black FRN H-1 PlainEdge and SpyderEdge Knife Black Blade

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The Spyderco Warrior Black FRN H-1 Black Blade is a formidable bushcraft knife designed for practitioners of the Korean martial art of Hwa Rang Do. This knife maintains the salient points of the original Warrior design while incorporating modern materials and features. The blade is crafted from H-1 steel, renowned for its extreme cutting power, shock resistance, and rust resistance. With a sleek black finish, the blade exudes a tactical and intimidating presence.

The handle of the Spyderco Warrior is made from black FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon), offering a lightweight and durable grip. The ergonomic design ensures a secure and comfortable hold, even during intense use. The knife stays true to Spyderco’s heritage with its trademark ‘opening’ round hole, allowing for swift and effortless deployment.

Designed for military and para-military applications, the Spyderco Warrior comes with a tactical sheath that provides easy access and secure retention. This knife also includes the informative booklet ‘The Warrior Path: The History, Evolution, and Purpose of the Warrior Knife’ by Michael Janich, providing further insights into the knife’s origins and significance. Whether you’re a practitioner of Hwa Rang Do or a discerning bushcrafter in search of a reliable and versatile tool, the Spyderco Warrior Black FRN H-1 Black Blade is a top choice for those seeking exceptional performance and quality.


  • Excellent sharpness out of the box
  • Well-balanced and quick in the hand
  • H-1 steel provides exceptional cutting performance and rust resistance
  • Suitable for military, self-defense, and utility purposes
  • Nimble and transitions well to reverse grip
  • Highly regarded by knife collectors and bladecraft practitioners


  • Some users find the included sheath to be of poor quality
  • Sheath may require modifications to fit the knife properly
  • Considered overpriced by some customers

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