Mora Companion MG Carbon Steel


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The Mora Companion Carbon Steel is a reliable and versatile bushcraft knife, proudly made in Sweden. Its fixed 4.1″ carbon steel blade features a slight drop point and a Scandi grind, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor tasks. The utilitarian design of this knife includes a rubberized handle, providing a comfortable and solid grip even in wet conditions. The handle is contoured to fit most hand sizes, ensuring a secure hold during use.

Crafted with a three-quarter tang, the Mora Companion Carbon Steel is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The Scandi grind on the blade makes it effortless to sharpen, allowing for quick maintenance in the field. The knife is made of high-carbon steel, which strikes a great balance between hardness, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance. This ensures that the blade not only holds its edge well but also remains resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion.

Weighing in at just 4.8 oz and with an overall length of 8.6 inches, the Mora Companion Carbon Steel is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and maneuver. Whether you’re carving, preparing tinder, or performing other bushcraft tasks, this knife is up to the challenge. With its top-notch craftsmanship and reliable performance, the Mora Companion Carbon Steel is a trusted companion for all your outdoor adventures.


  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Versatile and capable of handling various tasks, including slicing, chopping, butchering, and game dressing.
  • The handle provides a secure grip, even in wet and slippery conditions.
  • The blade is sturdy with a slight flex, suitable for woodworking.
  • The Scandi grind makes sharpening easy.
  • Made of good quality steel for its price range.


  • The knife’s polish on the blade hinders creating sparks when striking a fire starter against the spine, although this can be remedied by filing the spine.
  • The included plastic sheath is functional but looks and feels cheap; users may prefer a custom leather sheath for better durability.

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