Helle Knife Nordic Folkekniven Curly Birch Handle

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The Helle Knife Nordic Folkekniven Curly Birch Handle is a stunningly crafted bushcraft knife that combines traditional Viking design with modern functionality. This knife is made with a handle crafted from beautiful curly birch, walnut, and leather, giving it an elegant and timeless look. The blade is made from custom triple-laminated steel, possibly Sandvik 12C27, which ensures optimal strength, durability, and sharpness. With a Scandi grind and convex microbevel edge, this knife is ready for any task you throw at it, whether it’s for bushcrafting, hunting, or wood carving.

Designed to withstand harsh treatment, the Helle Knife Nordic Folkekniven Curly Birch Handle is perfect for farmers, hunters, and fishermen who need a reliable and versatile tool in their everyday lives. The knife is handcrafted with exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The comfortable handle provides a secure grip with no hot spots, allowing for precise and controlled movements. Straight out of the box, this knife is razor sharp and ready to tackle any challenge you face in the wilderness.

With its secure and aesthetically pleasing hand-sewn leather sheath, the Helle Knife Nordic Folkekniven Curly Birch Handle is not only practical but also makes for a stylish everyday carry. Additionally, this knife can also be used as a day-wear Skian Dhu with a kilt, adding a touch of historical charm to your attire. Whether you’re an experienced bushcrafter or a beginner looking for a high-quality knife, the Helle Knife Nordic Folkekniven Curly Birch Handle is a reliable companion that will never let you down.


  • Beautiful and well-finished knife
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Holds a great edge and is easy to sharpen
  • Versatile for various outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Appreciated by collectors and gift recipients


  • Inconsistent fit and finish for some customers
  • Sheath design may not be visually appealing to everyone
  • One customer received the wrong knife model

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