Helle Fossekallen Knife


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The Helle Fossekallen Knife is a tribute to Norway’s national bird and a testament to Helle’s renowned craftsmanship. Manufactured by Helle of Norway since the 1930s, this knife is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and campers.

The Fossekallen features a 90 mm triple laminated stainless steel blade, renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance. With a blade thickness of 2.6 mm, it strikes the perfect balance between strength and precision. The stick tang construction ensures optimal strength and stability, making it a reliable companion in any outdoor adventure.

The handle of the Fossekallen is made from curly birch, providing a comfortable and secure grip even in wet conditions. Its ergonomic design allows for effortless handling and ensures maximum control during tasks such as carving, feathering, and whittling. Measuring 115 mm in length, the handle offers ample space for various hand sizes.

Complete with a genuine leather sheath, the Fossekallen can be safely and conveniently carried on your belt or attached to your backpack. The sheath not only protects the blade but also adds a touch of elegance to this beautifully crafted knife.

Designed by Helle Design in 2009, the Helle Fossekallen Knife is a testament to Scandinavian craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is a reliable and versatile tool that will serve you well in the great outdoors for years to come.


  • Versatile, functional, and beautiful knife
  • Meticulous attention to detail in production
  • Firm and confident grip in challenging weather conditions
  • Exceptionally sharp out of the box and retains sharpness
  • Durable with minimal signs of wear after extended use
  • Known for quality and craftsmanship
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Suitable for small to medium hands
  • High-quality construction using triple laminated stainless steel
  • Elegant design with curly birch handle
  • Comes with a leather sheath for protection and storage


  • Price may be a deterrent for some buyers
  • Inner layer of the blade may be more susceptible to breakage and rust
  • Limited size range for individuals with larger hands
  • Restricted to outdoor use, may not be ideal for kitchen tasks
  • Handle material is not specified in some sources
  • Regular maintenance required for optimal performance

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