Fallkniven Model FN-U2 Lockback Pocket Knife


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The Fallkniven FN-U2 is a folding knife designed for precision cutting tasks. While it may not be suitable for heavy-duty use, its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal everyday carry (EDC) option. Weighing in at just 1.5 oz, this knife is easy to carry in a pocket or small change pocket in jeans.

Featuring a blade made of high-quality steel (SGPS), the Fallkniven FN-U2 is known for its excellent edge retention. The blade comes sharp out of the box, ready to tackle various cutting tasks with ease. The sturdy blade pivot and stiff plastic grip ensure a secure and comfortable hold, while the glass fiber-reinforced nylon (Zytel) handle provides ample rigidity.

With a non-tactical appearance, the Fallkniven FN-U2 is suitable for both office and professional environments. Its back lock mechanism ensures reliable lockup and no blade play, providing peace of mind during use. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply need a reliable cutting tool for everyday tasks, the Fallkniven FN-U2 is a practical and versatile option that won’t disappoint.


  • Extremely sharp blade.
  • Well-made and durable construction.
  • Good cutting performance for general tasks.
  • High-quality steel for edge retention.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carry.
  • Non-threatening appearance suitable for various settings.
  • Comfortable handle grip.


  • Some users experienced initial issues with blade opening and handle flex.
  • Lack of metal reinforcement in the handle may raise durability concerns.
  • Some users found the handle’s appearance to be plain or of lower quality.
  • The grip could benefit from more texture for improved grip.
  • The price may be considered high by some.

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