I will only accept ads that aren’t for companies whose products I review because I want to keep the review pure.  Yes, this site is supported by affiliate links, but I strive to provide a fair review of the features and comparisons in order to assist.

So what kind of company’s ads will I accept?  I’ll run advertising for other knife makers, custom knife makers, or other outdoors equipment (fishing, hunting, backpacking, etc.), relevant events, or other value-added companies.

What about giveaways?

If you would like to do a giveaway for promotional purposes, I can support it.  I do giveaways periodically that are usually priced between $40 – $80.  However, I can easily see doing higher value giveaways in the future, and that is my goal.

How many people visit the site?

On average, about 64,000 page views per month. These in turn represent roughly 24,000 unique visitors each month, and my traffic has been doubling every month since first launched in August 2013. shows up #1 in Google search terms, “bushcraft knife, bushcraft knives, and best bushcraft knife,” plus hundreds of other long tail search terms.  Last count was that this site pulled traffic for over 7,000 long-tail search terms all relevant to bushcraft.  (Stats as of January 2014)

The traffic is over 90% US-based, and the remainder international (mostly Canada, UK, Austrailia, and New Zealand).

So where do the ads go?

Today, I offer only sidebar ads within the sub-pages.  I will not allow advertising on the homepage.

What formats do you support?

You’ll supply the ads, and no crazy blinking text, Flash or distracting animations are not allowed either. Total graphic size less than 40k.

I support:

Sidebar – 160×600 Skyscraper
Sidebar – 300×250 block, as well as 300×300 and 300×600.

How can I contact you for more info?

Simply fill out the contact form here and we can chat.